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About Total Student

Total Student is a digital tool designed for high schools to track and manage important student activities in one place. The program’s customized dashboards eliminate opportunities to contribute fraudulent claims used to inflate a student’s portfolio when applying for scholarships and college admission, and for future employment. Students who work hard and stay engaged deserve to be recognized and viewed favorably.
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What we do

Total Student, founded in 2018, was developed for schools who want to help students build an online portfolio documenting extra-curricular involvement, using a customized desktop and mobile platform that is both safe and centralized.

  • Excites student and parent engagement at events.
  • Creates a dedicated space to identify trends in student involvement.
  • Encourages unique and talented student environments.
  • Tracks participation in school clubs, sports, events, and volunteer hours.
  • Generates timely reports of verified participation activity.
  • Discourages transcript fraud related to the highly selective college admission process.
Created with parents, high school administrators, college admission counselors and future employers in mind, Total Student logs up-to-date, real-time extra-curricular insights, improves education and provides students with a competitive edge.

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Student Social Engagements Can Also Improve School Morale

On average, high school students are involved in eight extracurricular activities. These students are engaged in their school and also have increased attention and focus on their studies. They also have more school spirit and excitement about attending events and getting involved in extracurricular activities and student organizations.

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