About Total Student

Total Student works with designated staff and students in one organized place to ensure milestones and highlights are on the record. Our team trains school administrators and designs customized dashboards that include the requested school organization and event data menus. Student users can plan and tag their involvement in these activities by using geo-location or QR codes. All data can then be used to evaluate student engagement and progress, and to supplement high school transcripts which validate extra activity commitments such as sports, school events, and volunteering.

Administrative Dashboard

  • Design a customizable space for your school.
  • Immediately see an overview of where student engagement is.
  • Receive daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data.

Student Dashboard

  • Each student receives access to an individual dashboard.
  • Students can track their progress and set goals.
  • Receive daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data.

Dashboard Options

  • Special Announcements
  • School Event Calendars
  • Real-Time Leaderboard
  • Verified Check-Ins
  • Volunteer Log
  • Download Extracurricular Transcript

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